The Worst Putts in Golf History

The World's Worst Putt Fails

We love golf, and that means loving the good and the bad. We have compiled some of professional golf's biggest putting fails for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy watching these professional golfer's hearts break.

These golf pros must have cried themselves to sleep 😂😂😂

Golf Courses in Hawaii Take Playing Hazards to the Next Level

Golfing in Hawaii
Imagine crystal clean blue waves rocking against volcanic cliffs and lush green hills. That's golfing in Hawaii. Amongst the palm trees that are spaced out around the fairway like candles on a cake, golfers enjoy warm weather and a cool ocean breeze year-round.
I know, it sounds like a dream, but don't get too excited- to the inexperienced golfer this dream can become a nightmare. There are some very advanced golf courses in Hawaii that are riddled with treacherous sand bunkers and steep cliffs, places from which no ball will return.

Here at Golf Playing Hazards, we know how vital it can be to your score to not only avoid hazards but to know exactly how to deal with them if you do happen to get caught up. Be sure to check out our article on dealing with sand bunkers so the next time you're playing in Hawaii, you can simply enjoy the breeze.

Playing Hazards: How to get out of trouble

Playing Hazards: How to get out of troubleLet’s face it, we’ve all gotten into trouble on the course at some point, after all, it’s not always a walk in the park to stay on the fairway or green. This tutorial will teach you how to deal with all sorts of sand bunkers and problems that you may face when you’re on the course.

Simple techniques to get out of a sand bunkerThese techniques are designed to specifically help those of you who often leave the golf ball in the bunker, or shoot the ball out of the bunker.

A common method that most players employ is to try to use a lot of the bounce of the club, open the face and really splash the club off the sand. The problem that most people face with this technique, however, is that they scoop the ball too much and the bottom of the swing is too far back so they hit the sand, either too early or they are coming out of the sand and then thin the ball. It’s important to instead be descending when hitting the sand shot.

When practicing, have a look …